Dream Job

Dream job: Airline Pilot

I’m sure most of us have been on a plane at some point in our lives. We’ve strapped ourselves into our seats and sat back as the plane picks up speed down the runway. We’ve felt the forces of gravity as the plane begins to climb and we’re pulling away from the earth. And within […]

Living the dream Money

Why do people blow life-changing sums of money

It’s the dream for a lot of people isn’t it – win the lottery, retire and live a life of luxury. But for a lot of people, once that money hits their bank account, something goes wrong and it eventually slips through their fingers leaving them with nothing. So why do people end up poor […]

Living the dream Side Hustles

What is passive income?

What do we mean by passive income? Essentially it is money you make while doing nothing. Imagine earning hundreds of pounds while you sleep. Then several hundred more while you take a shower and eat breakfast. How amazing would that be? Earn money without having to do anything to get it. The truth is, passive […]

Side Hustles

What is a side hustle?

A side hustle is something you do to make income alongside your main income stream. It might be something that brings in a few extra pennies to something that makes you more money than your main source of income. Why do people have side hustles? There are many different reasons for having a side hustle […]


The pros and cons of freelancing

Ever dreamed of quitting the 9-5 and working for yourself? You get to be your own boss with no one telling you what to do. You can wake up late, grab your laptop and sip cocktails while working by the pool in the sunshine. When you get too hot, you can cool off with a […]

Dreams and Goals

What does living the dream actually mean?

We all have different aspirations in life so our definition of “living the dream” is going to be different from one person to the next. To some, it can mean being rich and having financial freedom. To others, it can mean working in their dream career. Yet, to another, it can simply mean living the […]